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SI (System Integrate) section was newly established

Design to meet the customer needs    ~ Manufacturing with the customer ~

The aim of SI section is incorporating your needs which are considering screen printing press to Sakurai printing press based on the consultation with you. We suggest the appropriate machine specification which you ask to us after the internal consideration in the basis of our design department feedback. We will comply with several requests in sprit of being considerate of your needs from the consultation to backup service after installation.

Flow from the consultation to backup service after installation

1. Consultation with the customer in regards to the specification

We ask the technical specification during the conversation with you.
We confirm your desired requirement in comparison with our machine specification during the consultation. After that we suggest the most appropriate specification to realize your needs such as adding special function, connection with your existing equipment.

2. Various tests implementation

We perform a printing test with actual machine under your product specification, desired condition. Our factory has several screen printing presses as well as some measurement equipment.
After a test printing, we provide quantitative evaluation against the result then submit the proposal based on the evaluation to you.

3. Proposal and Determination

We refer to the proposal submitted to you after the test printing afterward suggest the final specification to match perfectly with your needs. You have right to decide the determine specification receiving our proposal.

4. Machine production

We will start machine production as soon as you approve the final specifications. After machine production, we will conduct Final Acceptance Test (FAT) with your machine. In the Final Acceptance Test (FAT), we will use an acceptance list created on the basis of an agreement with the customer, and ship the machine after receiving your approval.

5. Machine delivery

We suggest an optimal delivery planplan according to the schedule desired by yourself.
Considering your equipment and environment, we can also consult with you about delivery, installation, operation check, etc. We can respond flexibly to various utility works, etc.

6. Customer support after machine installation

After machine installation, we respond to changes in work contents and consultation of additional functions at any time.


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